Bradley Hale grew up in small town Ontario in and around the town of Elmira. Spend anytime there and you’re bound to hear the sweet sounds of country music pumping from pickup trucks and tractors or over speakers at a barbecue, cornhole game, or even from the hockey change room. 

With a rich family history of both farming and music he comes from a long line of country roads and country music. Growing up in a household filled with music and musical instruments he learned to play and sing at a young age…influenced by country artists like Eric Church, Zach Bryan and Morgan Wallen, as well as a deep admiration for the guitar playing of John Mayer. With a big warm baritone country voice Bradley delivers heart rendering ballads as well as unforgettable country rockers capable of driving any party or audience with a very high energy show. 

Bradley has been writing, co-writing and recording in preparation for his upcoming debut country album. As well he has garnered a significant and loyal following for his live performances at several venues including regular shows at the Stampede Ranch – a 900 plus live country music venue in Guelph Ontario. 

Bradley is determined to work hard continuing to develop his craft and bring his songs and his love of country music to audiences here and everywhere.